Kingston Walks

logo_KWALKS_199+7461-cmyk_1For a complete map call the HealthAlliance Foundation office at 334-2760.

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Why Kingston Walks?

This mapĀ is a tool created by the Community Heart Health Coalition of Ulster County and the HealthAlliance Foundation to call attention to walking opportunities that exist in or near the city of Kingston, New York. The Kingston Walks projects’s goal is to increase the amount of time that people who live or work in Kingston spend walking.

Why is Kingston Walks Important?

32% of people who live in Ulster County report no leisure time physical activity. People in Ulster County engage in less leisure time physical activity than the New York State average. New York State has one of the highest rates of death from cardiovascular disease in the nation. Physical inactivity is a primary risk factor for coronary heart disease, which is the number one killer in the nation. The financial and emotional burden of coronary heart disease can be reduced with changes in lifestyle.

You can reduce your risk of coronary heart disease by making life-style changes. The U.S. Surgeon General’s recommen-dation is that everyone engage in 30 minutes of physical activity on most, if not all, days of the week. Research also suggests that the 30-minute minimum does not have to be completed all at one time but can be accumulated in smaller time periods of 10 minutes or more.


Walk with Us

Join us for upcoming scheduled Kingston Walks.